01. Does anyone know who this cell phone [belongs] to? It was left in the classroom.
02. My daughter [belongs] to both the chess and badminton clubs at her school.
03. The young man packed up his [belongings], and set out on the road.
04. This store has [belonged] to our family for three generations.
05. I enjoyed my time living and studying in India, but I really felt like I didn't [belong] there, so I was glad to finally come home.
06. Any [belongings] left here by the children can be picked up at the lost-and-found at the end of the summer.
07. This painting obviously [belongs] to the 19th century.
08. There is a Basque proverb which states that earth [belongs] to the brave, but heaven to those who deserve it.
09. Voltaire stated that appreciation is a wonderful thing; it makes what is excellent in others [belong] to us as well.
10. Your beliefs and values [belong] to a different generation, and are just not very relevant to me.
11. There is a book [belonging] to you in the office if you would like to pick it up before you go home.
12. A few years ago, a Canadian man found a lottery ticket worth over $1 million [belonging] to someone else, and actually returned it to the owner.
13. In 1943, the Court of Appeal in London ruled that any money a housewife saved from the housekeeping [belonged] to her husband.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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